I have issues!

Heya guys.

I have issues.

I’m desperately trying to get back into this save.

They started with Island Paradise. I had terrible lag issues and routing issues in the town that came out of nowhere. Even with the latest Nraas mods the lag was horrendous.

I spent almost a month trying to fix it and finally one day it started to work so i sent my heirs to Uni.

I am now sick of sending them to uni…. Everytime they return home the game crashes.

I got fed up.

I got Into the Future, hoping that might fix it but the lag is now 10 times worse, it’s in every game including new games.

I’ve updated Nraas mods but i can’t use them at the moment because they are causing glitches with Into the Future. Without them I have so many lag spikes it takes upwards of 15 minutes real time for a sim to pee… yeah, the game is making me want to throw my PC out of the window.

I’m still working on fixing the issues and I’ll post updates as soon as I can.

I apologize to anyone who has been waiting for an update, I can assure you i’m even more annoyed with this than you are.

Ionisis x

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The Witches Curse Legacy 1.10

Heya again.

Recap from last time; Forest became step dad and then a dad. Benny, Sin and Charity became elders and cavemen outfits!

Whilst Darla is at school she gets invited over to Ken Ivy-Durwood’s house after school. He’s a Durwood, gotta be worth checking out right? He went straight to his part time job after school and stood Darla up… so instead enjoy a picture of the gnomes getting kinky.ScreenshotI have no words.

Charity has her first Big Gig and has a streaker in the audience.Screenshot-2Screenshot-4Kristian Rain: She’s amazing! She made my clothes disappear!

Robi, my simself’s grandson becomes a teen… which seems really really fast. I think that was a bug. Screenshot-5Robi looks a lot like his mum.

Meanwhile Charity’s gig finishes.Screenshot-6Charity: I just made THIS much money!

Ionisis: Yes you did. 9990 simoleons.

The next morning it’s the Darkskyes triplets Young adult birthdays and of course the heir choosing day… like that will be a surprise.

Drusilla’s Birthday.Screenshot-7Dru: I wish for Darla to roll Good on her birthday so I can be heir.

Anya: What about me? Mum could pick me.

Sin: Never gunna happen.Screenshot-8Even Utopia shows up to celebrate.

Dru's roll

Dru’s a hopeless romantic now.Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10The tradition of dressing my sims like sluts continues…

Dru isn’t a Sin clone. She’s close but she’s actually slightly prettier.

Darla’s birthday.Screenshot-11

darla's roll

Oh what a character Darla is now… hot-headed and inappropriate.Screenshot-12 Screenshot-14

Anyanka’s birthday.Screenshot-15Anya: I wish to roll Evil!

Ionisis: No, it’s not going to happen and even if it did i’d pull Envy back into the house and force him to breed.

Anya: Why does nobody like me?

anya's roll

Loves the Cold.. actually, she has a really nice set of random traits which is the only think Anya has going for her.Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17Anya is a Sin clone. So she’s been clonified, to forever remind her of her shame.

Darla is going to officially be the heir. She’s the only one who looks different enough from Sin to be a real step forwards.

Drusilla gets a job in Law enforcement and Anyanka gets a job in professional sports. At least they’ll have a good shot at achieving their Life Time Wishes.Screenshot-18Dru spends the day playing chess and learning logic because i’d totally forgotten she’d need it for her career.

Screenshot-19Our heiress and her horse. (in case you are confused the horse is the one on the bottom right of the photo.)

Sin gets a promotion and reaches the top of her career.sin max career

She also gets another street art commission and makes her first masterpiece.Screenshot-20

Darla and Angelus enter their first advanced race. advanced race 1 advanced race 1 winThey win! 1400 simoleons and a shiny new trophy.

Screenshot-23Benny: See my unusual and in no way ordinary box?

Ionisis: Yes, I’ve seen it before.

Benny: This time I’m gunna fill it with water.

Ionisis: Is that such a good idea? I heard you can die from this trick.Screenshot-24Ionisis: Benny? Are you ok? Benny??Screenshot-25Ionisis: BENNY? NO!!!Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27Benny: Oh ye of little faith.

Ionisis: Don’t you dare scare me like that again!

Envy becomes an elder.

envy elder

Envy is still unmarried, has no children and lives in a house on his own in town. I have no hopes of him reproducing.

The next morning it’s the Brightcloud triplets birthdays.

Xander’s Birthday.Screenshot

xanders roll

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3I like Xander. No, I really like Xander. I also think I know where the hair came from. Dystopia was a born in-game sim. I used the same sim for Utopia and then altered her face some and changed her skin tone. I think that Dystopia’s dad had reddish hair but I can’t check because I no longer have the save file.

Buffy’s Birthday.Screenshot-5

buffy's roll

I was really hoping for Adventurous. It’s a bit of a let down. I’m determined to have an adventurous sim in this legacy to go tomb raiding because I’ve never actually finished all of the tombs and this would compel me to finish them.

buffy's choice.

I’ve decided to tweek my rules a little. The problem with letting them pick their own LTW in game is that most of them want to be master acrobats atm. So… I’m going to allow the sim to get to Young adult and pick from the potions available since some of the LTW’s don’t appear during play. This way they still pick a LTW but they have a few options to choose from.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7Buffy is quite pretty when you see her from the front. Obviously the jaw is an issue.

Angel’s Birthday.Screenshot-8Angel: I wish to meet my idol, Adrian Mole.

angels roll

Yes, that kinda suits Angel.Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10Ana looks far too excited to see Angel grow up and it concerns me.

Angel is definitely a Charity clone.

I’ve chosen Buffy to be the heir for the Brightcloud family. I think her LTW will be easy enough to complete and she’ll have time to learn painting since the house will need a portrait painter per generation anyway. I was really tempted with Xander but his LTW put me off. I’m not great with the Charisma skilling and the making of friends and keeping them especially not with a house full.

I have Angel join the film career where he has a change of earning celebrity stars towards his LTW and Xander join the music career where he stands a chance of managing his too.

Screenshot-11Xander: Yes, I’m looking for a house for me and my brother and our two half cousins. Really? That sounds perfect.Screenshot-13The “spares” arrive at their new house and yes I do realise that they are probably going to start interbreeding but I’m trying to keep the faith that they’ll find OTHER partners in town.

So, here are our new heirs.Screenshot-12

Short chapter I know. But Heirs needed picking and there was a ton of birthdays to get through. So as an extra space filler have a picture of our newest member of the gnome family.Screenshot-22

Next time; How will Darla and Buffy choose to start their story? Will the spares start producing three eyed babies with tails?

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The Witches Curse Legacy 1.9


Recap time; Darla bought a female horse she named Angelus. The teens went to prom and ended up hooking up with each other and Sin and Mahmoud really were not impressed. Oh and the Gnomes got busy in the back garden… and Sin got a promotion I forgot to post..

sin promo

The morning after the Prom.Screenshot-8Drusilla: Ugh! This laundry stinks. Why do I have to do it?

Ionisis: Because you made out with your half cousin!Screenshot-9Anyanka: Must..Scrub…the…incest..off. DIRTY! DIRTY!

Buffy spends her morning doing martial arts.Screenshot-10She’s getting less girly with it.Screenshot-11Xander: Why? WHY? I LOVE HER!

Ionisis: Because it’s wrong ok? WRONG! Now go do what any self respecting emo would do and get over it.

Xander: You want me to hurt myself?

Ionisis: NO! Write a song about it.Screenshot-12Anya: Why wont you love me?

Angel: I’m really not interested in your whining right now. I have intellectual pursuits to be getting on with.

Anya: You are going to leave me to read that stupid book again?

Angel: Adrian Mole is the only person who understands me! His diaries accurately chronicle everything about me and everything I feel. He’s my role model! How dare you call his diaries stupid!

edwardo baby

My simself’s youngest is going to be a dad.

The next day the teens are back at school.

dru  3 stars

Dru got her 3rd celeb star whilst at school. I think the prom events are well known and Drusilla is becoming notorious rather than famous.

Screenshot-13Anya: I just can’t do this. All i can think of is Angel.

Darla: I don’t see an issue with it. I mean, I think you should be able to date whoever you want.

Anya: I know right! It’s not like i’m going to be heir or anything so why can’t I date him.

Dru: Maybe he’ll be heir and that’s why.

Darla: Like that would happen. What’s the chances of Buffy and Xander rolling evil?

Dru: Angel could roll good…

Benny gets a promotion to level 8.

benny level 8

Charity lost her box of mystery. It’s just vanished… hows that for a magic trick? I googled and the answer seemed to be to evict them and replace the lot, which I did. The box is still missing but the teens seem to have completely forgotten the whole incest episode.

Since they are all happy again I bully them into collective forced skilling.Screenshot-14Dru: We’re sexy and we know it!

forest gf

Forest got himself a girlfriend whilst I wasn’t looking.

tims baby

Who instantly has another mans baby… Interesting.

tams new wife

Who then instantly proposes to another woman… erm, what’s going on here?

Sin gets another Promotion.. she’s on a roll.

sin promo 9

Screenshot-15Darla: Tomorrow is Leisure day Angelus and were going to enter our first race! I think we’ll win.Screenshot-17Angelus: But the race course is so far away. I get tired before we get there.

(yes the horse can talk to Darla… or she imagines it does)Screenshot-16Darla: Not anymore. The nice voice in the sky moved it right in front of our house.

baby kathy

Edwardo gives his daughter a sensible name.. wow.

Leisure day.

Charity finished making a time machine whilst working on her wish to max inventing. Benny decides to go play with it.Screenshot-18 Screenshot-19We get our caveman outfit!Screenshot-20Xander spends the day playing for tips in the park and hoping to make a friend.Screenshot-21Buffy Is throwing wishes to paint.Screenshot-22Darla: C’mon girl. Time for our first raceScreenshot-23

Darla: D’ya think we can win?

Ionisis: My fingers are crossed for you.beginner race 1 begginner race 1 winDarla and Angelus win 600 simoleons and a trophy.Screenshot-24

forest elder

Forest is an elder. He retired as soon as the notification popped. he was the Mayor so he was on track for his LTW but sadly won’t manage it now.ScreenshotCharity heads out to the past.Screenshot-2Paparazzi: This will make an awesome scoop! Pulitzer prize here I come!Screenshot-3We have a cavewoman outfit. I really wasn’t expecting to get them that fast.

angel 2 stars

Angel gets his 3rd celeb star at school. Only two more to go for his Life Time Wish.

mahmoud level 10

Mahmoud maxes his career and becomes a real celebrity chef.

Mahmoud: Does that mean i can have my show back?

Ionisis: Erm, well ..I..

Benny: ATTENTION ME! Forest is at my gig with his girlfriend and he’s not aged well.

Ionisis: Sorry Mahmoud, Benny needs me…Screenshot-4Screenshot-5Benny: *feels tummy* Oh my goodness, is it Forest’s this time?

Vera: Yes, I think so.Screenshot-6Benny: Congrats dude. Charity will be so happy for you.

The next morning it’s Sin’s birthday.Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8Everyone except Angel attends.Screenshot-9Sin didn’t want to dress her age so I tried my best for her.Screenshot-10


forests baby

Forest has a baby girl. Charity decides to go visit because… well, i’m curious.Screenshot-11Charity: well, baby Somer, you arn’t green.Screenshot-12Charity: You are beautiful though and you seem to have the family ears. I hope for your sake they arn’t as big as your dads.Screenshot-13Darla and Angelus spend their weekend race training.

Whilst Benny performs his first Big Show Performance.Screenshot-14Benny: I can’t.. I just can’t.Screenshot-15Benny: There are just too many people.

He could and he did and he earned 15k simoleons.

Screenshot-16Dru: I’m too tired for this and you are much better than me.

Buffy: I’m going to roundhouse kick your ass to the ground.Screenshot-17Dru: Missed me! God you suck Buffy.

The next morning it’s Benny’s birthday.Screenshot-18Screenshot-19The whole house of idiots turn up to celebrate and laugh at crispy fried Angel.Screenshot-20 Screenshot-23Benny’s first action when he becomes an elder…. yep you guessed it.Screenshot-25

edwardo baby

Edwardo is having another baby!

and the very next morning… because nothing of interest ever happens in this house over a weekend other than forced skilling and laundry… It’s Charity’s birthday.Screenshot-28Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30I still think she’s beautiful.

I’ll leave you with Benny’s attempt to fix his beloved mistress.Screenshot-26Screenshot-27Benny: I’m getting too old for this shit.

Next time… The teens will grow up to young adults but who will be heir? Will Charity and Benny manage their Lifetime Wishes?

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The Witches Curse Legacy 1.8

Welcome back!

A quick recap… The household celebrated Snowflake day and the children grew up to become teens… not much happened.

Benny was out at a gig at the end of last chapter and earned himself a promotion.

benny promo

Later that night…ScreenshotSin dreams of flying and… well…Screenshot-2…actually flys…Screenshot-3This was my first clue Sin was bugged… my second clue came the very next morning…Screenshot-4…when she dislocated her shoulder trying to paint the ceiling.

*reset Sin*

It’s Love Day. So no school again. It is however just another chance to abuse the household with my outrageous skilling demands.Screenshot-5Anya has joined the sports club after school so she begins honing her soccer (Football, it’s called bloody football EA. I’m British! I can just about cope with the Spooky day-Snowflake day bullshit nonsence but i refuse to tolerate Football being renamed Soccer) Yeah… so Anya practices FOOTBALL in the back garden.Screenshot-6After reassuring Xander that the amplifier is well and truly dead after drowning it in the bathtub, he agrees to play his guitar to skill.Screenshot-7Angel is still throwing up logic based wishes and wishes to discover stars so I set him to work searching the galaxy.Screenshot-8Buffy gets to work learning martial arts and being far too girly about it for my liking.Screenshot-9Dru finally gets a look in with the Football skilling. Screenshot-10Fluffs is convinced Darla is going to blow the household up.

During skilling time Xander chooses his Life Time Wish.

xanders ltw

Golden Tongue Golden Fingers.

Screenshot-11Ionisis: Darla, where are you going?

Darla: I want to look at the horseys.Screenshot-12Ionisis: You better just be borrowing that horse.Screenshot-13Darla: No silly, I bought her. She’s called Angelus.

Ionisis: But she’s a girl… Angelus was a boy.. the evil Angel.

Darla: Oh she doesn’t mind.

Ionisis: But why did you buy her?

darla LTW

Darla: Oh well, i just realised I want to be a Jockey so i thought i should really have a horse.

Ionisis: Your mum is going to kill you.Screenshot-14Darla: Look, i bought her a new saddle.

Ionisis: It’s very you. Erm, you think you can ride her home?Screenshot-15Darla: Easy! You should probably build her a place to live and get her some toys and stuff. I’ll look forward to seeing it when  I get home.

Ionisis: I am not explaining this to Sin…Screenshot-16Darla: Don’t worry. I’ll tell her. I’m sure she’ll be ok about it.

Back at home a while later…Screenshot-17Sin: The hell is this?Screenshot-18Sin: Why is there are horse box in the garden?Screenshot-19Sin: And hay… Ionisis why do we have hay?

Ionisis: Erm, well… er, maybe you should ask one of your daughters.Screenshot-20Mahmoud: Please tell me that’s not a racing post.

Ionisis: Erm, well…Screenshot-21Sin: One of my daughters, you say. There’s only one brat I have that that could be responsible for this.Screenshot-23Sin: DAAAAAAARRRRRRRScreenshot-22Sin: LLLLLAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Darla: Yes mum?Screenshot-24Sin : What in the name of Holy Plumbob is that horse doing here?

Darla: Well, I just thought th..

Sin: You thought what? That you’re a teenager now and that means you can spend the family money on a fricking HORSE?Screenshot-26Sin: Do you have any idea how inappropriate it is for you to just decide to buy a horse and bring it home?

Darla: But mum, I am inappropriate… that’s my nature.

Sin: Girl, I should slap you silly.Screenshot-27Darla: But i’m equestrian and I want to be a Jockey and.. and.. I love her mum. Please can I keep her? Screenshot-28Sin: Fine. But YOU look after her. You feed her, clean her and muck her out and if you neglect her she’s going. Understand?

Darla: Oh thank you mum! Screenshot-29Sin: She is beautiful, what’s her name?

Darla: Angelus.

Sin: That’s a damn stupid name for a female horse.

The next day after school.Screenshot-30Blake Goth comes home after school to study. I think Buffy and him have a crush on each other.


Ionisis: What now Benny?Screenshot-31Benny: I have a new trick! It’ll be awesome watch!Screenshot-32Benny: See this ordinary glass box?

Ionisis: How is that “ordinary”? No one owns a glass box like that it’s hardly ordinary.

Benny: OK FINE! See this unusual glass box which is totally not normal?

Ionisis: Yes.Screenshot-33Benny: I lock myself in and…Screenshot-34Benny: On second thoughts.. I’m not ready for this.Screenshot-35Benny: HELP ME!Screenshot-36Screenshot-37Benny: Open up stupid cheap ass lock…

Ionisis: Having trouble?Screenshot-38Benny: Erm… I …erm…Opps?Screenshot-39Benny: That didn’t go how I planned it.

Back at the house..Screenshot-40Buffy and Xander do homework with Blake. Every other person in the household cancels all interactions when the see him and pass out. I get the feeling he doesn’t have many friends.

The next morning it’s Saturday and it’s also happens to be the teens first prom.

None of the teens know anyone well enough to ask them to prom so I decided to let them all go stag and see if the game hooked them up with anyone (a decision i later regretted.) However, before prom I managed to get some quality skilling time in.ScreenshotAfter breakfast Xander entertains the family playing piano in the new music room.Screenshot-2Sin gets a call to create a piece of street art which she starts before going to work.

mara passes away

Mike’s first daughter and Sin’s half sister passes away. She wasn’t married and had no children but she was dating at the time. Why are none of the legacy family relatives reproducing?

Screenshot-3Darla begins racing training with Angelus.


I wish I could show you a beautifully professional photo of all the teens in the limo heading to prom but i can’t. The truth is the limo arrived and left and only Darla was in it. The others had all canceled the go to prom interaction and had to be sent there in Taxi’s.Screenshot-4Most of them turned up without their formal wear on.

Here’s the part where it all went wrong….

prom 1

prom 2

Good for you Darla!

prom 3

prom 4

prom 5

I was surprised to see this. I thought for sure that Buffy would end up with Blake.

prom 6

prom 7

Another crown! Awesome.

prom 9

The punch has been spiked… which goes a long way towards explaining what happens next.

prom 10

What the?? No no no no… you are half cousins!

prom 11

I highly doubt that.

prom 12

prom 13

I think perhaps they stamped on his foot because he was getting hot and heavy with his HALF COUSIN.

prom 15

Not you guys too!

prom 16

Xander’s incest seems to be getting around. I’m not surprised he’s becoming notorious.

prom 17

The principal isn’t the only person he’ll have to deal with.

prom 18

I can guess why he was looked at funny… and he’ll be receiving his fair share of discipline when he gets home.

While the kids are out developing inbreeding ideas, Mahmoud gets a promotion.

mah promo 9

He’s level 9 of his career.

Sin finishes work and finishes her street art.Screenshot-5She gets payed 1000 simoleons and sets off home.

Back at home when everyone has arrived.Screenshot-6Sin: You are dating your HALF COUSIN??? What the hell are you thinking?

Dru: He was prom king and I needed a date.Screenshot-7Sin: He’s your HALF COUSIN. You are RELATED! Consider your chances at heir ship gone young lady. Now go and break it off. I won’t have the neighbors talking about us in the streets.

Dru:  Ok ok mum, ok. Screenshot-8Xander: You’re breaking up with me?? How could you do this to me? Screenshot-9Dru: Well, were related or something so mum said it’s not really right.Screenshot-10Mahmoud: You did what with my daughter?

Angel: I only danced with her.Screenshot-11Mahmoud: Get out of my sight before I do something i’ll regret. Go break whatever perverted thing you have with my baby off and consider yourself GROUNDED!Screenshot-12Anya: You got us grounded?

Angel: Well, I didn’t mean to it just kinda happened. Your dad want us to break it off.

Anya: Of course he does. He’s old and he doesn’t understand me!

The prom pictures.Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-7

Later that night.Screenshot-13Sin : Mum. I need help. Drusilla started publicly dating Xander. What am I supposed to do? The whole town will talk about us.Screenshot-14Dystopia: I was shocked about Anyanka too.

Sin: What do I do?

I’ll leave you with the gnomes again.Screenshot-41I don’t even know what to say.

Next time; How will Sin deal with the teens? Will the neighbors talk? Will i ever forgive myself for not trying to get them dates?

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The Witches Curse Legacy 1.7


Recap: Lots of birthdays happened. Benny started a relationship with the dishwasher and Sin started doing yoga

Before I start I want to apologise for the quality of the pictures in this update. I had a graphics driver update and it reset my sims graphics settings. It wasn’t until after this chapter was played that I realised that my graphics settings were WAAAAAAY lower than they should have been. Bloody NVidia.

Ok where to start… well, it’s Snowflake Day.Screenshot-3Angel: I’m a Snow Angel!

Ionisis: Yes you are and you are adorable!

Charity rolled a wish to throw a gift giving party so i have her invite Forest, Envy and Mara.Screenshot-4Faith Christiansen shows up. She must be a party crasher because it’s too much to hope that Forest actually got himself a girlfriend.

Gift time.

Charity got a plant. Benny a computer console.Screenshot-5Forest got the same frog toy that his father got the previous Snowflake day… which made me think. I don’t think i ever took pictures of it but after Michael died i placed that frog doll on Michael’s side of the bed. When Forest got his toy i had an idea.Screenshot-2Michael’s Frog doll now rests on his grave.Screenshot-6Mara got photobombed by Sin.Screenshot-7Poor Xander got coal… Sin recieved an easel. Envy a chess table. Screenshot-8Dru got a “busy bee bouncing bobble” in that tiny little hat box. Buffy got a bike.Screenshot-9Angel wasn’t particularly impressed with his rainbow light.Screenshot-10Darla and Anya both received Snow bear toys.

The next morning…Screenshot-11 The Magician gnome puts on a show for the rest of the gnomes.

It’s a snow day and the kids are stuck home from school so i try and find something to keep them amused.Screenshot-12Dru: C’mon Buffy! This looks fun. Don’t be frightened.

Buffy: I don’t think you understand. I’m Buffy. I don’t do fear.Screenshot-14Dru: I can almost see our house from up here.

Mahmoud gets a promotion.

mah promo lvl 7

Later that night…Screenshot-15Utopia: Hmmph

Dystopia: What the hell is wrong with you?Screenshot-16Utopia: I’m not seeing a lot of beauty in my family tree at the moment. It’s like they arn’t even trying. AND WHY ARE YOU SMILING?Screenshot-17Dystopia: Have you not seen Darla yet? I have a feeling she’s going to make Sarah Jessica Parker look attractive. I have the Prince in the bag.

The next morning is a Snow day yet again…by this point only the Darkskyes children have been to school only once.

I decided to fulfill as many of the kids wishes as i could.Screenshot-18Angel: All i want is to increase my logic skill and play chess. Leave me alone woman. That’s right… walk on by..Screenshot-19All Xander wishes for is to build igloos and snowmen. An army of snowmen to be exact.Screenshot-22Xander: What? Don’t look at me like that. There are ghosts on the patio and they wander through my bedroom at night. That’s why i snow sculpt death.

Ionisis: Well, as long as you’re happy.

Xander: Who said anything about happy?

Ionisis: … moving on…Screenshot-20The Claw has become the most popular object in the household overtaking even the rocking chairs.Screenshot-21Buffy is putting in solid wishes to paint which kind of suprises me  since she’s a disciplined, athletic, brave sim.


Ionisis: What?

Benny: Pan that camera over to me now… I have something awesome to show you.Screenshot-23Ionisis: What are you doing?

Benny: It’s my new trick!

Ionisis: Will it work?

Benny: Dunno. Screenshot-24Benny: Katrina, if you’d be kind enough to step into the boxScreenshot-25Ionisis: Now what?Screenshot-26Benny: Now I make her clothes disappear.

Ionisis: Good god you’ve turned into a perv. I’m gunna have to speak to charity and see if I can get her to agree to woo hoo with you before you strip another sim or molest another appliance.

Later that night…ScreenshotSin: Are you really an alien?

Alien: Erm, yeah. Wanna see my space rocket?

Sin: Now you mention it… would you mind stipping off naked so i can paint you and your ..erm.. rocket?Screenshot-27Alien: Sure i’d love to.

Sin: Really? That’s great. Now hurry up and get your kecks off.

Michael: I know where this is heading.Screenshot-28Alien guy with stupid name: I think maybe another time though. There’s a fairly ugly child watching us through the upstairs window right now.

Sin: God I hate that kid… Screenshot-29Sin: Wait! Don’t go! Does this mean I don’t get to ride your rocket?

The next morning… The snow has gone and it’s Spring! It’s also the weekend so the kids still don’t get to go to school.Screenshot-31Anya: I Queen Anyanka, declare myself Heir… the rest of you can leave now.

Ionisis: That’s not quite how it works and unless you suprise me and grow up with a third eye and a second nose I doubt you’ll get heir.

Angel and Xander want to go sea swimming so they go to the beach.Screenshot-32Angel: The water is freezing!

Ionisis: What do you expect, it was frozen yesterday.

Xander: RACE YOU!Screenshot-33Xander: I’m winning!

Angel: You cheated, you started in front!

mah lvl 8

Mahmoud gets a promotion to level eight of his career and then ages to adult outside his work watching Charity’s show.Screenshot

Because… I forgot him. In my defense there are 6 children not at school and two sims in a show career. I have enough to do without paying attention to Mahmoud.

Mahmoud: You can make it up to me by letting me have my cooking show back.

Ionisis: No

Mahmoud: Please. I rolled a wish for it.

Ionisis: No you didn’t

Mahmoud: But..

Ionisis: Maybe…

Anya and Angel both choose their Life Time Wishes.

anya ltw

Anya wants to be a superstar athlete… yeah, that was a surprise -_-

angel ltw

Angel wants the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

It’s Monday morning and FINALLY the little shits kids are off to school.Screenshot-2

Screenshot-3Buffy never bothered coming home from school. She just sat on the pavement and did her homework before biking back.

sin promo

Sin gets a promotion. She’s evil so she chooses the counterfeiting branch.Screenshot-4Dru: What’s 4 x 2?

Anya: It’s 6 +2.

Dru: Yes .. but whats the answer.

Anya: I can’t say it.. Mr Rincewind says I’m not to say it but he also says the world is flat.

Dru: Remind me never to ask you for help again.

The next morning it’s the Darkskyes triplets birthday but i’m witholding cake until after school and homework.

Screenshot-5Benny: Oh my darling dishwasher, what have they done to you?

And then this happens…


My cat passes away. I actually got sick to the stomach when i saw it. I will never put any of my pets in a game again. He outlived my simself by quite a way.

I was pulled out of grieving for my pixelated cat but the camera panning.Screenshot-6Anya doesn’t want to wait any longer and decides to grow up on the porch. Screenshot-9Darla is throwing her self a party in the middle of the road at the other side of town and I have no idea why she’s there.Screenshot-8Drusilla has gone cross eyed too. I guess they really didn’t want any more cake.

I love the teen birthdays. For me I find it’s the first time you really get an idea what the sim will really look like.

Drusilla.Screenshot-15Screenshot-17Since Dru had only been to school three times her trait was locked in. She’s a heavy sleeper. She’s not quite a Sin clone. She has her grandfathers ears and with Mahmoud’s smaller eyes she actually resembles Mike more than Sin. But is she Ugly enough to be heir? …No.


Despite only three days at school Darla had pulled an A so she got to roll her traits.

darla trait

Ofc she is… I laughed so hard when she rolled this after the whole SJP joke.Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14

Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you Ugg. Erm, i mean Darla.

Jackpot…. that is all I have to say.

Ionisis: I call this legacy done… Dystopia come claim the Prince!

Utopia: THATS NOT FAIR! There are 8 more generations to be born!

Ionisis: Ok fine.


Anya’s trait was also locked in. She’s now Nurturing.Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11Sin clone with Mahmouds eye and hair colour. She dissapoints me.

The next morning…

Screenshot-18Charity: When did we get all these gnomes?

Ionisis: They’ve been turning up slowly.

Charity: Are they multiplying?Screenshot-30Ionisis: Looks like it.

After the kids and teens get back from school it’s birthday time again.


xanders roll

Xander rolls Technophobe.Screenshot-20

Xander: I’m gunna be a rocker!

Ionisis: With an electric guitar?

Xander: NO! no no no i’m gunna rock unplugged.Screenshot-21 Screenshot-22There’s something about Xander. He’s a cutie. Maybe i’m getting de-sensitized to the nose.

Buffy.Screenshot-24buffys roll

Buffy rolled Star Quality and “mom hair” which I fixed.Screenshot-25Screenshot-26and has developed a habit of pulling stupid faces.Screenshot-28Buffy is green so of course I adore her.

Angel.Screenshot-27angels roll

Angel rolls Family-Oriented.Screenshot-29 Screenshot-30Angel is a Charity clone with Benny’s eyes and a normal skin tone.

I’m leaving with Charity’s gig …Screenshot-23Charity: How am I ever supposed to get promoted and get to the top of my career if death keeps showing up and taking my audience?


Charity: How do you figure that?


Next time: The teens get excited for Prom. Will Charity get a promotion? Will Benny get over his pervy midlife crisis?

Mahmoud: Will Mahmoud get his cooking show back?

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The Witches Curse Legacy 1.6

Hello again.

Last time; Sin and Charity gave birth to Triplets and stuffed the house full of whining, moaning, crying babies which grew up into toddlers that required even more attention and made me want to flush them down the  broken downstairs toilet. Unfortunately EA hasn’t implemented that ability yet.

Warning: Extra long chapter to cover the 8 birthdays.

ScreenshotIonisis: Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you can run around the house in your birthday suit.

Benny: Should I get dressed?

Ionisis: Yes please. Then go blow out your candles.Screenshot-2Benny: I still look good don’t I?

Ionisis: It’s only your adult birthday… you look the same.

mahmoud promotion

Mahmoud gets a promotion and a bonus so the family can pay the bills on the lawn and has enough Life Time Points to buy the No Bills Ever reward.

simself grandbaby

My Simself’s youngest is expecting a baby! Yay i’m a grandma…kinda.

I leave Benny alone for two minutes and he’s naked again.Screenshot-3Benny: Ah, I love the feeling of snow falling on my…

Laundry Gnome: I NEED EYE BLEACH!Screenshot-4Sin: At least cover up with a fig leaf or something, there are children present.

Drusilla: Mommy, why does Uncy Benji have an extra finger there?Screenshot-5Ionisis: What in the world are you doing to the dishwasher?

Benny: Charity says no more woo-hoo till the toddlers are grown up cos she’s exhausted…a man has urges you know.

Ionisis: GET AWAY FROM IT AND GO AUDITION.Screenshot-6Benny: Goodbye my darling dishwasher, our love is now forbidden.


Angel learns to talk and that’s the last of the toddler training done. They can now be ignored and left in the care of the babysitter.Screenshot-7Charity: Yes! Mummy can go back to work now?

Ionisis: Yes she can, call the babysitter, blow out your candles and go out and audition.Screenshot-8Charity got a slightly more “adult” skirt for her birthday.

Charity: How do I look?

Ionisis: You are still my beautiful green girl.

Later that night…Screenshot-10Dystopia: Yes, YES! These children are suitably ugly. My Sin was a good choice, she’s done well.

Ionisis: These are Utopia’s grandchildren not yours.Screenshot-12Dystopia: Sin was always a useless waste of space. Why do I even bother coming back.

edwardo getting married

Edwardo is now getting married since there’s a baby on the way. I really hope the baby Isn’t a vampire. I want to see lots more generations of My simself’s family.

Since Benny has absolutely no relationship with his daughter and is friends with every other toddler in the house I send him to read her a painting book.Screenshot-13Screenshot-15Buffy is really quite cute if you ignore the under bite.

Angel: Ah ha! Now you will be mine Mum’s old toy!

Sin gets a promotion I forgot to SS. She’s now a transporter which is lvl 4 of the Art Appraiser career.

Meanwhile Charity is out working.Screenshot-16Charity: Forest, why arn’t you married with children yet?

Forest: The women around here say i’m ugly.Screenshot-17Charity: Well, if i don’t kill you during this trick i want you to promise to go out and get a girlfriend.

Forest: What do you mean kill me??? I thought you were a professional magician.Screenshot-18Charity: Oh hush! I’ve taken more eyes than I have lives.

Forest: LET ME OUT!Screenshot-19Forest: Thank god i’m alive!

Charity: Now go and make me an aunt.

Mahmoud gets another promotion.

mahmoud promo lvl6

The next morning…Screenshot-20This can only mean one thing. Triplet’s Birthdays!

Drusilla’s Birthday.Screenshot-21

drusilla rolls

I’ve never really played with a mooch before, she could be interesting.Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23Dru is a lot like her mother but she has her fathers smaller eyes and I think she has his smile. She grew up with two celeb stars.

Darla’s Birthday.Screenshotdarla's roll

Lovely -_- What a great selection of traits. I had lots of fun with her wardrobeScreenshot-2 Screenshot-3Oh Darla you are making me so happy. Dad’s small eyes, dad’s bone structure and dads mouth. I have high hopes for you.Screenshot-4Darla is actually much prettier when she’s not doing the duck face… which she seems to do a lot. She grew up with one celeb star.

Anyanka’s Birthday.Screenshot-5Screenshot-6Darla: Ha ha! Her hair is stupid and ugly and she’s gone cross eyed!

Ionisis: Behave! I’ll fix her hair this time I promise.

anyanka's roll

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8I smell a sin clone with different coloured hair and eyes. Anyanka, you do not impress me. She grew up with two celeb stars.Screenshot-9 Screenshot-10Dru and Anya are both athletic so i make them a shared room and their favorite colours go so well together.Screenshot-12Benny: Wasn’t this supposed to be an athletic children’s room? Looks a bit girly to me.

Ionisis: There are balls on the floor dammit!

Darla gets her own room because quite frankly she’s weird and no one wants to share with her.Screenshot-13Screenshot-14Darla’s room is more eclectic than eccentric but in the world of me they are going to be the same thing because it’s easier to decorate that way.

The three imaginary friends grew up…. unfortunately.Screenshot-15Fluffs.Screenshot-16Pat.Screenshot-17Cosmos.

Darla is rolling wishes to win toys in her claw machine…Screenshot-18 Darla: I got one!Screenshot-19 Darla: C’mon teddy!Screenshot-20Darla: GODDAMN MACHINE CHEATED ME OUT OF MY TEDDY!Screenshot-21Dru and Anyanka get busy getting in shape.

baby robi

Edwardo’s vampire fiance gave birth to baby Robi. Stop giving babies stupid names already!Screenshot-22Benny: What are you doing Sin? Is that some form of yoga?Screenshot-23Sin: I’ve been trapped here for an hour! HELP ME!

The next morning it’s the young Darkskyes girls first day at school.Screenshot-24Drusilla: If you are going to insist on wearing your dinosaur costume to school i’m going to insist you were adopted.

Back at home there’s more birthdays.

Xander’s Birthday.Screenshot-25xander's rollsScreenshot-26 Screenshot-27Xander is a nice mix of charity and Benny and the milkman. He has Charity’s nose and eyes but the rest of his face is Benny’s. I still have no idea where that hair came from.Screenshot-28I don’t even mind the throw back ears either. I think they are kinda cute. Xander grew up with two celeb stars.

Buffy’s Birthday.Screenshot-29buffy's rolls

It’s like my game KNOWS this is Buffy. These are genuinely rolled traits.Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31I think she’s beautiful. Her only flaw is her under bite. I love the green. I have such a soft spot for green sims. Buffy grew up with two celeb stars.

Angels Birthday.Screenshot-32angels roll

Ok so maybe my game doesn’t know this is a Buffy theme….Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34Angel seems to be a clone of Charity but with a “normal” skin tone and his father’s eyes.Screenshot-35Angel has the Brightcloud nose and under bite. He grew up with one celeb star.

During the birthdays Sin got another promotion which I forgot to screenshot again.

Sin: You don’t care about me at all.

Ionisis: That’s not true! I love all my sims equally!

Sin: B*llsh*t.

Anyway, Sin is now a Master Transporter at level five of the Art Appraiser career.

Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37Buffy’s room complete with box of stakes costume chest at the bottom of her bed.Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39Angel and Xander’s room. It’s quite minimalist since Xander can’t stand art and i’m tired of decorating. All the bedroom were made so that they transition into teen rooms easily, because less decorating.

That’s it for this chapter. I’ll leave you with this…Screenshot-40Bloody Lucky is back because Buffy got overly attached to him.

Next time…It’s Snowflake day for the household! Will Forest get a girlfriend? Will Mahmoud get his cooking show back? Will I give Sin some love?…

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The Witches Curse Legacy 1.5

Welcome back!

The usual recap: Charity and Benny developed a habit of wandering around the house naked. Utopia and Dystopia passed away and the girls discovered they were expecting the pitter patter of many many children.

Screenshot-4Mahmoud: I can hear the heartbeat!

Sin: Hopefully there’s more than one.Screenshot-5Mahmoud: Peek-a-boo. Peek-a-boo.

Sin: You know they can’t see you through my belly don’t you?Screenshot-6My simself passes away. 😦

Back at the house.Screenshot-7Ionisis: What’s wrong Sin?

Sin: The baby is coming and my Mahmmy is at work!

Ionisis: Don’t worry, he’s finishing soon and i’ll send him to meet you at the hospital.Screenshot-8Sin : He’s not here yet.

Ionisis: Just go in, he’s on his way.

Meet the Babies.

Drusilla.Screenshot-9baby drusilla

Her favorite colour is Spiceberry.

Darla.Screenshot-10baby darla

Darla’s favorite colour is turquoise.

Anyanka.Screenshot-11baby anyanka

Anyanka’s favorite colour is spice brown.

Yep, Sin had triplets.

Screenshot-12Benny is getting some practice in for when his children arrive. He keeps wandering in to take care of his nieces.

Screenshot-13Utopia makes her first appearance and eats the house out of snow cones.

The next morning the mail arrives…

too many imagionary friends

…oh great -_-

Screenshot-14Ionisis: You better not be having triplets missy, we have enough on with the three Sin popped out. Screenshot-15Charity: It feels like QUADS!

Ionisis: You better be joking.Screenshot-16Benny: Honey, I love you but i hope the baby has my skin colour.

Ionisis: Shush you, I want a green nooboo.

Charity: What about four green babies?

Ionisis: One is enough.

Meet the offspring.

Xander.Screenshot-17baby xander

Xander’s favorite colour is red.

Buffy.Screenshot-18baby buffy

Buffy’s favorite colour is purple.

Angel.Screenshot-19baby angel

Angels favorite colour is blue.

Yes, I went with a Buffy theme. After stealing a Buffy quote in the Uni chapter it seemed rude not to.

Mahmouds LTW

Life Time Wish achieved!

mahmoud promotion lvl 4

A good day for Mahmoud!

Sin is exhaused but she’s keeping her spirits up by stealing candy from her own children.Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21With six babies in the house i’m keeping Benny away from auditions and gigs for a while. Mahmoud is the only one pulling an income for the family.

The gnome residents of the house have started collecting together in the family graveyard.Screenshot

I refuse to bore you with the “play with-snuggle-play with-snuggle” cycle  that lasted for three days in the house.

During those three days, my simself’s youngest became a young adult.Screenshot-2

He’s grown up very handsome. I’m already feeling very protective of my simself’s family. I’d like to try and avoid marrying them into the legacy but i’m going to keep a close eye on them.

Baby birthdays!

Drusilla.Screenshot-3Dru has her mothers eyes and hair and is adorable. I can’t see any traces of ugly. She’s just a little princess.


Darla has her mums eyes. She has dads mouth and i think she has his nose and i’m hoping she has dad’s bone structure. She also has Mahmoud’s stupid hair colour.

Anyanka.Screenshot-5Anyanka has dads eyes and his ridiculous hair too. I think she’s got Sin’s face shape. The poor dear also has the worst cc hair i own. I downloaded it and it was nice but then i got a re-texture for it. Worst re-texture ever. I was determined to use it and see how bad it was in game but i’ll delete it when she’s older.

Six babies in the house isn’t fun so with all but Mahmoud not working we have an intensive toddler training session.Screenshot-6Screenshot-7Screenshot-8Charity: Daddy is begging for a promotion from his boss because he’s the only one working and this house is expensive.

Darla: Pwo mo shun.Screenshot-9Sin: Yes! Then we ask the ugly man to marry us and have babies.

Anyanka: …

Brandy my simself’s eldest gets a girlfriend.

brandy girlfriend

and then instantly gets married.

brandy married.

Well, that escalated quicky.

More baby birthdays.

Xander.Screenshot-10Xander has the Brightcloud family nose, his mums red eyes and throwback pointed ears from his grandma. I think his dark skin is Benny’s skin tone with the deepness of Charity’s green. I have no idea where his hair colour came from. Maybe Charity slept with the milkman.

Buffy.Screenshot-11Buffy has dads eyes and dads nose. She has Charity’s under bite. She has Charity’s hair and since Charity changed her highlights to her favorite colour as a teen I took the liberty of changing Buffy’s highlights to purple. She’s a little paler green than her mother and since i have a soft spot for green sims she’s now my favorite.

Angel.Screenshot-12Angel has Benny’s eye colour but he’s mostly Charity. He has Charity’s nose and under-bite and charity’s hair, which I’ve changed to blue highlights. His skin tone isn’t as dark as Xander’s but i think it’s the same thing.

And behold! The first time Mahmoud helps with the children.Screenshot-13Mahmoud: Hey! Working to support this family is helping!Screenshot-14Darla is fully trained and Mahmoud and Sin are working on the last of the skills with their toddlers.Screenshot-15Sin: Daddy has a stupid cooking show.. can you say “stupid”?

Mahmoud: I miss my cooking show.Screenshot-16Toddler training continues and is likely to continue for some time. Pretty much as soon as they are trained the babysitter is going on speed dial.

Oh GOD NO!Screenshot-17None of Charity and Benny’s children received imaginary friend dolls but that hasn’t stopped Buffy from finding her mothers old doll.

Ionisis: Keep that up and i’m making Xander my favorite.

Screenshot-18Meet the Babysitter Mayra Muller. I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing quite a lot of her.

I sent Benny back to work to earn some money since the house now costs more in bills than the household is earning. He scores a promotion to level  five.

benny promo 5

The net morning…

Benny tries his luck getting a gig at the Karaoke Bar. Screenshot-19And bags a gig. Good for you Benny! Finally a gig with really nice pay.

It’s Sin’s Adult birthday.Screenshot-20Screenshot-21For her birthday Sin receives some slightly more age appropriate clothing…which as you can see she’s not happy about.

I’ll leave you with Dystopia and Michael on the porch that night.Screenshot-22Dystopia joins Michael in the rocking chairs and Michael promptly gets up and …Screenshot-25…faints at the sight of a ghost. Gotta love cowardly ghosts.

Next time… a lot more birthdays. Practically everyone in the house is due one and most likely some more gratuitous toddler cuteness. I’m also really hoping for a pop up saying Forest is in a relationship and having children. I’d love to see how Forest’s children turn out.

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